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Salvete omnes!

Here are this week's slides:

I encourage you all to read over the material before next week's class, as we covered a lot of complicated material in a short amount of time.

For those of you interested in doing additional study, here are some websites and texts that I have found to be helpful. Dickinson College Commentaries -- Allen and Greenough's Latin Grammar: this is specifically geared toward Classical rather than Ecclesiastical Latin, like the majority of easily findable Latin resources. Nevertheless it's a helpful and high-quality textbook. Be warned that it's very technical, and can be hard to read. The National Archives course on reading Latin: this is a course for reading English historical records written in Medieval Latin. As such, it presents a very specific subset of Latin vocabulary that may not be relevant to Ecclesiastical Latin. However, its explanations of basic grammar are much more accessible than those found in Allen and Greenough. OSU Department of Classics: another Classical Latin resource. This covers a limited range of topics, compared to other resources. Eclectic but helpful, and still easier to read than Allen and Greenough. The explanations of English cases are worth reading. Look under the Grammar tab on the right drop-down menu.

Dozenal Ecclesiastical Latin Textbook
Download PDF

Ecclesiastical Latin: I stumbled across this textbook earlier this month while roaming the Internet. I don't know much about its background, but based on I've read so far, its content and explanations are consistent with other sources that I know and trust. I can't figure out why it uses base-12 counting, though. If any of you know of some relationship between Catholic academia and dozenal counting societies, please let me know, because I can't figure out the reason for its being included in this textbook, and I am wildly curious.

As regards homework: I don't have anything prepared at this time, but I will do my best to devise some exercises by Saturday. Since this week's focus is on verbs, I'll prepare some specific exercises to aid with competence in identifying verb forms.

Mélanie Lévesque-Roy


Beginner Latin class Every Wednesday · 8:00 – 9:00 pm


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