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Beginner class

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Here are the slides from this week's class.

For the past couple of weeks I haven't clearly explained what homework is important and what is optional, so I want to clarify that here. The things that are the most important to know at this point are:

- First declension singular endings (slide 4 in this week's presentation)

- Second declension singular endings (slide 7)

- Third declension singular endings (slide 10, first column)

- First conjugation (A-stem) verb endings (slide 5)

- Conjugation of esse/sum (slides 10-11 in last week's presentation)

This is a lot to learn, but it's the summary of three weeks of classes. The weekly assignments will normally be much smaller.

It would be fantastic if you could memorize these paradigms, but it's all right if you're simply familiar with them. Make sure you read over the rest of the declension endings in the presentation as well.

Besides this, look through the vocabulary in slide 15, and try your hand at translating a couple of the sentences in slide 16. (Any unfamiliar vocabulary should be given in pages 3-9 of the Scarre PDF posted a couple of weeks ago.)

Have a great week!


Beginner Latin class Every Wednesday · 8:00 – 9:00 pm


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